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Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Web Hosting

Web hosting should be easy for everyone to use. In this category, you can talk about everything web hosting related. Network with other people in the web hosting community.

WordPress Hosting

The WordPress Hosting category is not only for Xenon Cloud Inc customers. Anyone using WordPress Hosting can discuss it here. If you need help with your hosting account and are not a customer of Xenon Cloud first we recommend migrating to us (LIKE NOW) but reach out to your providers support. All things WordPress Hosting can be discussed here.


In this category, you can obtain knowledge on how to do things for your website or cloud. We will post helpful tutorials that will show you how to manage websites, web hosting accounts, and cloud instances. You may also suggest a tutorial by commenting on this post.


XenonSite is Xenon Cloud’s website builder launched in 2017. In this category, you can get support for XenonSite. If you are using XenonSite Basic this will be the only place you can request help from. If you have purchased a paid package of XenonSite you can email our support team at